Making sense of what the UK is going through has to be a collective undertaking, combining many different vantage points. We may emerge from the crisis with communities strengthened by myriad streams of generosity. Yet we may also emerge more divided.

We do not want to wait for an inquiry reporting years after the event to tell us what to learn. We want to help people to learn from one another now, as the social and economic crisis is still unfolding, so we can make sense of it together and shape our shared futures.

We’ve created Six Strangers as a safe, loosely structured space, in which conversations can grow among people who have never previously met. We will be there to help if needs be but mainly it’s about you coming to listen, reflect and contribute answers to these three questions:

What is it that we share?
What have we learnt?
What do we value?

Six Strangers was co-founded by filmmaker Henrietta Norton and author Charlie Leadbeater, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was created as a response to the growing isolation and anxiety experienced by communities and individuals across the UK. The project is funded by the Emerging Futures Fund, from The National Lottery.